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10_at_a_time's Journal

Ten At a Time
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Wanted to do fanfic100 but the task was too daunting or did someone take your topic? Try committing to 10 stories/drabbles at a time! You can pick up to ten topics and up to five people can claim each topic.

Step One: Pick a fandom. It can be anything, from anywhere. Harry Potter to Star Wars and anything in between. A show, a movie, a book, a group, a pairing, a character. Anything you are a fan of! Be sure to check the claims table first, although five people can claim 10 on any item so it's not that big of an issue. Be sure also to visit the prompts list and choose 10 by number. Claim the character/pairing/series here.

Step Two
Write ten fanfics centered around this fandom/pairing you’ve chosen. Please no old stuff. Fictions, drabbles, poems, scripts. Anything is game as long as it is set in your fandom. You don't have to post them all at once. You can do one at a time, or a couple, or whatever you want.

Step Three:
Post here when you're done.

We're going to follow the same basic rules as fanfic100.